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Hello, I am


Web Designer with a passion for UX/UI.

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What I do.

I will manage your project from conception through to completion – developing early stage ideas into wire-frames and then visual design concepts before taking these through build, test and launch phases.

Web Design

User Friendly Websites

Web Development

WordPress, HTML, CSS


User Experience & Interface 


Search Engine Optimization

Graphic Design

Appealing Digital Drawing

Landing Pages

Engaging Leads Conversion

How it’s done.

Effective Site Planning (UX)
It all starts with user research, studies of user personas and collecting data with the help of briefs, I can then proceed creating sitemaps and interactive wireframes to know exactly how many pages I will have and where all the content fits.
Clean Simple Design (UI)
I begin to design the interface and plan what the user will see, this includes color schemes, typography, visual elements and layout of the pages.
The aim is to help users know where they are, what you do and what to do next, once I know what the users wants, I can start to develop informed concepts of how the user will flow smoothly through the system and ultimately towards the end goal.
WordPress Development
I will be using a CMS to set up and build the core of the site. To further customize and improve the results, I will integrate clean and readable HTML and CSS code that is great for SEO.
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It is my belief that every website should be a joy to behold and Responsive to use on any device.

Great design requires deep knowledge of your users, their environments, and their goals, the brainstorming step, conducting research of ideal users and study of the user flow is crucial for a website to be efficient.

What My Clients Say.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with different clients,
from startups to established corporations.

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– Anna Poretti
CEO ABC Company

Let’s Make Something
Great Together.

If you have a project, to help me give you an accurate quote and timeline, the more information the better! If you want to email me directly please contact info@marcotediosi.com I will be glad to answer all your questions.