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fox funnel portfolio

A Digital Marketing agency, based in Bangkok.

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Project Brief.

Fox Funnels is a Startup Agency in the Digital and Advertising industry based in Bangkok, I started to collaborate with Mirko, the CEO, on other projects for his Agency, and started to build his website during my Web Design Course at WCB Bangkok.

This project comprised of an initial Brainstorming and Research process with Macro and Micro Briefs, directly answered by the CEO himself.

Main Pages:
Home, Services, Showcase, About, Contact us.

Have the first online interface. Since the company is a start up need to progressively build the website accordingly. The primary scope is to sell Digital services (Advertising, Landing Pages, Video Making, Web Design, Graphic Design, Consultation).

Target Users:
Companies primarily located in Thailand that need help to grow their business through digital space.

Create the first layout for Fox-Funnels digital marketing agency to promote and selling the agency’s services. The style should be modern and landing pages focused.

Main Functions:
• Created in English as primary Language
• Clean and clear on the information provided in the website
• Fast and user friendly
• Social media links
• Contact form and google map

Design Inspiration:


After having the informations from the briefs I can start drawing the sitemap for the website:

sitemap of fox funnels

UX Design.

User Experience (UX) Design is the process of laying out a product’s usability and design flow in order to provide the desired experience to a user.
An essential element of this is determining how users form experiences with the product. In the case of this project, I laid out an initial wireframe of the website so that I could better understand how the website would flow and to see correlations between each section. Here are some of the wireframes that I built:

Styles & Elements.

In the initial stages, I worked closely with Fox Funnels to choose a complementary color palette to best represent the Agency brand identity.
I then tailored various elements in the design such as the Call-To-Actions (buttons) to reflect this identity.

UI Design.

User Interface (UI) Design is the process of taking preliminary UX Design and applying a Graphic User Interface (GUI) to it. In layman terms it means taking a wireframe and adding content to it in order to see what the final product will look like. Here are some of the final designs:

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